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" stay "



Work in a comfortable space.


「井村家別邸 月の離なれ

About 「workcation」

Workation fee
1 hour
 1,000Yen (tax included​)
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"Akizuki no YadoAway from the moonis fully equipped with workation facilities
* Equipped with business high-speed communication WI-FI
New building 1F working facility
From 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM, the breakfast space is shared by guests staying in the new building.

In the "井村家別邸 月の離なれ"
We are starting to recommend 「workcation」
「workcation」is spreading all over the country.
In April 2021, the Japan Tourism Agency created a tool to encourage companies and regions to introduce a 「workcation」/ leisure system in order to popularize new travel styles. (The following site)
Workcation is attracting attention as a new way of working and resting as people's working styles change drastically with the spread of remote work.

* Worcation: A coined word that combines "work" and "vacation".
A way to enjoy vacation while working through telework at the same time.

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Crossroad Fukuoka (Public corporation / Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Federation)




I started working on it


"Accustomed away Imura house townhouse month" entrance to the (horizontal)

We have installed a cycle stand

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