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About Akizuki

7km north of central Amagi, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Akizuki is a town at the foot of Mt. Kosho at an altitude of about 860m (859.5m), surrounded by mountains on three sides and opened to the south. It is located in a basin that is geographically difficult to attack and easy to protect.
Mr. Akizuki built a mountain castle on Mt. Kosho in the Middle Ages, Mr. Akizuki was in his 16s, and in the early modern period, Mr. Kuroda was in his 12s.

In the 15th year of the Tensho era (1587), when Hideyoshi Toyotomi conquered Kyushu during the Warring States period, Tanenaga Akizuki decided to fight thoroughly. Erikura no Sukenobutaka, a senior vassal, will proceed with peace if he cannot win due to the strength of Hideyoshi's army, but he cannot be heard and the family and his family tried to stop it with death. There is a monument in that place. (Mr. Nobuyoshi Megumi monument)

It was a busy castle town until the Meiji era, but the fall of the samurai family and the location away from the main trunk line were left behind by modernization and development due to the Akizuki rebellion, and as a result, the castle town remained.
Akizuki has 117 important traditional buildings preservation districts nationwide, of which there are 4 castle towns (as of November 28, 2017), and the entire town is designated.
Town division, mansion division, road network and waterway network, castle ruins, samurai residence, castle town of Machiya are in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape and rural landscape, and have become a historical scenic spot.

From the Asakura City site in Fukuoka Prefecture

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