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(518 Akizuki, Asakura City)

Tenpo 7 (1836)

It was built as an Imura family villa.

A place that made history as Akizuki Bank in the Meiji era.


This 518 Akizuki, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture has continued since the Tenpo era.
The ancestor Ichitaro Imura founded Akizuki Bank here in 1902. Later merged with Chikuho Bank.
Then, Kaho Bank, Fukuoka Savings Bank (President: Denemon Ito) and 17 National Banks merged to become the current Bank of Fukuoka.
Valuable materials such as loan ledgers from the Akizuki Bank era at that time and textile wholesaler Hakata Tamaya (Taisho) opening commemorative board were donated by the Imura family to open the historical plaza (museum) on the 2nd floor of the FFG headquarters building as a project to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Bank of Fukuoka I did.

* Above photo: In July 2018, a letter of appreciation was submitted to the Imura family by President Shibato.

2018. .07.18

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. awarded a letter of appreciation to Yukio Imura for donating many historically valuable materials of the former Akizuki Bank (currently one of the sources of The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.) at 518 Akizuki, Asakura City. There was a formula.

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